Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Who is 'Y' who will head Pheau Thai's Party List?

Thaksin Shinnawatra says Pheau Thai Party will win 260 out of 500 seats in the House in the upcoming election. He will be ready to do "phone-in" campaign speeches for candidates in the party.

"Don't worry. I have consulted our lawyers. I won't be breaking the election law. I will say things that I can legally say," he told Pheau Thai MPs in a meeting yesterday through Skype.

Mingkwan Saengsuwan was there in the meeting room. But Thaksin made no reference to him. Nor did Mingkwan make any statement.

Payab Shinnawatra, Thaksin's brother, who was in the meeting as well, as a person
whose name begins with "Y" will be the chief candidate on the party list to be named premier after the election.

Who's "Y?" Payab said: "It's got to be someone in the family."

Thaksin's younger sister Yingluck has been cited as the most likely choice to head the new Pheau Thai-led government, if Thaksin's predictions so far prove to be true, that is.

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