Friday, May 27, 2011

Newin, Banharn: A pact made to be broken

Newin Chidchob's Bhumjaithai Party and Banharn Silpa-archa's Chat Thai Pattana Party are expected to be the No 3 and No 4 parties in this upcoming election.

They also have signed a pact of alliance,meaning that they would join or decline to join any coalition together.

But they might soon find that political agreement somewhat uncomfortable. Thaksin Shinawatr of Pheu Thai Party has let it be known that if his party emerges No 1 in the election, he would form a coalition perhaps with Banharn's party or Suwat Limpatapanlob's Pheau Paendin party -- and definitely not with Newin's grouping.

What would Banharn and Newin do if that should come to pass?

Nobody doubts for a moment that political pacts are made to be broken anyway. But with Newin suggesting the other day that Abhisit Vejjajiva of the Democrat Party may call it quits from the party is the Democrats lose badly, Newin will find himself isolated from both left and right.

Abhisit said: "Newin will be proven wrong. We will definitely win more than 160 seats. Newin should go back to running his football team (instead of making election predictions).

Newin has once again made himself the wild card of Thai politics!He claims his party should win some 70 seats while some Pheu Thai's leaders say according to their polls, Newin would be lucky to have 15 MPs under his wings after July 3.

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