Saturday, May 7, 2011

The army chief, Pheau Thai and democracy

Army Chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha says if Pheau Thai Party wins the election and forms the next government, that's fine with him.

"If that's what is going happen, it would have to happen. What right or power do I have to stop that from happening," he said, in an apparent response to a reporter's question.

The question, of course, was based on rumours that the top brass might find it not very comfortable to live with a Pheau Thai-installed government. Some political pundits have suggested that the generals would prefer to see a governnment that resembles the current coalition. But then, that's nothing more than speculation.

"It all depends on whether the majority of the Thai people can accept that or not. If they do, we (the army) would also accept it because that's part of democracy. How can I say I can't accept something the majority of the people want?" the army commander-in-chief says.

You may want want to read between the lines to really understand the thinking of the army's chief.

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