Sunday, October 30, 2011

FROC is no frog. So, be prepared to relocate again!

So, finally, the government's Flood Relief Operations Center (FROC) decided yesterday to relocate from besieged Don Muang Airport to the Energy Complex where the Energy Ministry and Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT)are based after it was threatened by rising flood waters.

It came after lots of face-saving talk about not giving up to the inundation by Premier Yingluck and FROC's director, Justice Minister Police Gen Pracha Promnok, though. Energy Minister Pichai came to the government's rescue by "revealing" that the prime minister had in fact planned to make the Energy Complex an alternative headquarters for FROC in the first place although that "Plan B" was never disclosed to anybody until after the fact.

It was embarrassing, of course, for FORC's leaders to remain at Don Muang while its news spokesman, Thongthong Chandransu, had already urged everybody else in Bangkok to move out of their houses in the wake of the deteriorating flooding situation.

How, in other words, can FROC remain where it was while telling Bangkokians: Get out before it's too late!

Well, better late than never.

But then, I hope FROC has mapped out its "Plan C" because being on Vibhavadhi Rangsit Road isn't all that safe from the rising flood water either. Since no one in Bangkok can be sure of anything about the water levels in the next few days, FROC's leadership had better not making firm statement about "not moving anywhere anymore."

That could be the ultimate embarrassment.

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