Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yingluck's first radio show: No drama, no blunder

It's her first time on radio. And there wasn't any major blunder. Premier Yingluck passed the test although she delivered no real new substance or any memorable remarks. Yes, she closely followed the script. And that at least ensured that she didn't make any statement she wasn't supposed to.

Her voice was broadcast on radio and also on Channel 11 which used a series of nice looking pictures of the premier to help audience glue to the TV set. That's more or less what her brother Thaksin did when he was premier. Unlike Samak Sundaravej, another ex-premier, who went live on television with great relish. He didn't need a script at all and obviously his good ratings were also guaranteed because the public was expecting him to hit out at somebody somewhere every week.

As for Somchai Wongsawasdi, another former premier, I can't really recall his television show. If there was any, it must have been rather unremarkable, so much so that I can't remember him giving a weekly talk. But then, he wasn't there very long, was he?

Abhisit Vejjajiva, the immediate past premier, took to television like a fish jumping into the canal. Not only didn't he need a script, Abhisit could articulate complicated issues in simple terms with apparent ease.

But then, eloquence on TV didn't guarantee his popularity in an election. Yingluck didn't have to engage in any debate with Abhisit and she won hands down.

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