Thursday, October 27, 2011

They don't seem to want to work together, despite the worsening flooding

The central government and Bangkok administration continue to show they have yet to work in close consultation over the deteriorating flood situation.

Bangkok Governor M.R. Sukhumbhand Paribatra called a press conference just now -- and almost at the same time, FROC spokesman Thongthong Chandrangsu went on the air to announce preparations for a "worst-case scenario."

Sukhumbhand's warning was equally grim. He said water levels are expected to rise again tomrorow and Bangkok residents must remain vigilant. Thongthong delivered a dramatic scenario when he said people of Bangkok must organize themselves into communities and decide on "meeting points" where they can gather in case the inundation gets critical. They were told that they will be picked up by military trucks from the "meeting points" after which the Communications Ministry would deliver them to 9 provinces where evacuation centers are being set up.

When the two talked to the public at the same time but not from the same location, they obviously couldn't expect the people to be getting their messages simultaneously. I thought things were getting better between the central and Bangkok governments when earlier today representatives from FROC, Bangkok Administration and the Irrigation Department gave a joint press conference.

But a few hours later, things appeared to have come apart again.

And as long as they keep doing things their own ways, the public will stand to suffer.

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