Monday, October 17, 2011

A hearty laugh and another 'I will quit politics' statement from her brother

This picture from Manager Daily this morning shows PM Yingluck having a hearty laugh with her niece, Pintongtae (Thaksin's daughter) who was accompanied by her husband-to-be Nattapong (wedding ceremony in December) when the couple went to the headquarters of the Flood Relief Operation Center yesterday to donate materials for flood victims.

No, she hadn't read about Thaksin's interview with the Bangkok Post which this morning quoted the former premier as saying that Yingluck is now the Prime Minister and "It has passed my generation already, so my generation should not return to politics."

Thaksin said he had been "misquoted" by some international news outlets that he would return to lead the country again.

"What I mean is that I am in debt to the Thai people and whatever advice I can offer to benefit Thais, I will give. But I will let my sister do her job and will stay away from management. I will not interfere," Thaksin was quoted as saying.

Thaksin also said "Yingluck represents me" and she will not retaliate or engage in verbal battles with anybody.

He said he was confident he could return home without facing jail time. "I will go back where I belong although I don't know when and how..."

The former premier said national reconciliation was not a "mission impossible" -- if the major parties -- Pheu Thai and the Democrats -- can agree on three elements:

"The first is to set clear rules for politics. Second is that they agree to play by the rules and the third one is that the bodies overseeing the rules must be neutral and fair..."

He didn't say who will set the rules and who appoint the "neutral bodies" though.

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