Saturday, October 22, 2011

Situation normal, all fouled up!

Premier Yingluck spent only 13.26 minutes on her 30-minute weekly radio programme this morning. And she was supposed to be addressing a country in crisis.

She warned Bangkokians to start moving things up at least one meter higher. The flooding, she said, could last four to six weeks. She has invoked her power under the natural disaster and mitigation act so that she could give instructions to get watergates to the north of the capital to open up so that the huge amount of runoff could be drained into the sea -- through parts of Bangkok.

But she didn't say how -- or which parts of Bangkok would be affected -- and for how long.

Her brief message therefore did not sooth any troubled soul. Most people want to know how she will pressure Bangkok Governor M.R. Sukhumbahdn Patribatra into allowing parts of Bangkok to be flooded so that the severe inundation to the north of the capital could be eased and that the expected long period of sufferings could be shortened.

A few hours later, Flood Relief Operations Center (Froc) Director Police Gen Pracha Promnok went on television to declared: "The situation is under control." But he said the government wanted the private sector to donate large-sized pumps "because we are short of big pumps that could drain water from flooded areas."

How could the situation be under control if the all-powerful government can't even find enough water pumps?

A classic case of SNAFU (Situation Normal, All Fouled UP)!

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