Tuesday, October 4, 2011

'Shadow PM' hard at work

In case you were wondering where Thaksin Shinawatra was as Premier Yingluck Shinawatra was frantically visiting flooded areas,stop speculating. He couldn't obviously "disappear" for too long.

Newspaper headlines this morning had him at least doing two things from somewhere out there yesterday. He made a phone call to try to settle a public dispute between one of his Pheu Thai MPs, Payab Panket, and his coalition partner Banharn Silpa-archa of Chat Thai Pattana Party, over the flooding situation.

Payab had led a group of local villagers to complain to the Irrigation Department accusing Banharn of having helped keep his Supanburi province from flooding, at the expense of other provinces nearby.

Banharn responded angrily by denying the accusation and wondering aloud why Pheu Thai's leaders had allowed at least one of their MPs to hurl such unfounded accusations against him.

Thaksin of course heard about the wrangle and promptly called the parties concerned to attempt at "damage control," according to Post Today.

Another headline said Thaksin also called in to make changes to a list of reshuffle of officials at the Education Minister although Education Minister Voravaj Apinyakul had made his first move-arounds for officials, Thai Post reported.

So, the "shadow prime minister" isn't too far away from where he considers to be trouble spots while the "official premier" is busy with her own problems.

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