Friday, October 7, 2011

When Premier Yingluck turns this ad

Wow, Premier Yingluck as farmer looks very happy indeed. It's a half-page advertisement in the local newspapers this morning, Oct 7 to mark the beginning of the government's much-heralded Rice Mortgage Policy.

"Don't selll your rice if you don't get a good price. Come, mortgage your paddy stock with the government," declared the ad which urges people to report any corrupt practices in the process -- probably the weakest link in the programme which has come under criticism from several segments in society.

PM Yingluck herself hasn't said much about the project except to insist that it will go ahead. Bearing the brunt is Deputy PM Kittirat na Ranong who has sparred with all critics over the issue. He says he is confident all the past loopholes will be plugged and that all the possible problems raised by detractors will be addressed.

"Some people have tried to put pressure on the government, demanding a pledge that if the project doesn't work out, how would the government show responsibility. All I can say is that if it doesn't work, the government can't stay on," Kittirat declared on a few radio programmes in the past week.

Surely, the scheme will come under scrutiny every step of the way.

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