Sunday, July 17, 2011

Abhisit poised to play the role of a ferocious Opposition Leader once again

The badly-battered Democrat party is holding an executive committee's meeting next week amidst call for a major revamp of the country's oldest political party.

Abhisit Vejjajiva, who quit the party's top post to take responsibility for the poor performance in the July 3 election, is expected to be voted back in. But he will be under tremendous pressure to offer a new structure of the party to be better prepared for the next election.

The Democrat Party has not won a general election in the past 19 years.

At stake is the position of the party's secretary general. Suthep Thuagsuban has resigned together with Abhisit and has vowed not to accept re-election.

Various factions within the party are pushing for their own candidate for this powerful post. A Northeastern faction has proposed Kalaya Sophonpanich as a likely candidate. But other choices are expected to be raised in the party's crucial meeting to elect a new line-up for the party's top decision-making body.

Abhisit has not ruled out a return to the party's top post. He is expected to lead the opposition party in the House which is due to vote Yingluck Shinawatra as prime minister early next month.

As opposition leader, Abhisit is unrivalled. But he will have to prove that he can make a come-back as prime minister in order to be seen as an effective opposition leader. That will take lots of hard work, especially in the Northeastern constituencies.

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