Monday, July 25, 2011

The young man who will be Thaksin's son-in-law

Who's the young man who is becoming Thaksin Shinawatra's son-in-law when he gets married to Pintongta "Em" Shinawatra towards the end of this year?

Matichon yesterday identified him as Nattapong Kunakornwong, who was voted "Hi-So Idol" of Cleo magazine in 2007.

Nattapong is the son of a major textile exporter. He obtained his bachelor's degree from Chicago and met Pintongta when they were studying for for master's degree on property management at Chulalongkorn University.

Matichon says "Pong" also owns a few high-end condominium projects including "D-65" and "Hive" in Sukhumvit area.

Voice TV, in an interview with Thaksin in Dubai that was broadcast on July 8,quoted him as saying that her daughter had visited him with his would-be son-in-law in Dubai and he had approved of her choice.

Thaksin told Voice TV: "I told my soon-to-be son-in-law that although we weren't too close together, I wanted him to know that I love my daughter very much and he must also love her and I will consider him my child too. This was my brief statement to him..."

Matichon also quoted Thaksin as saying that although he would very much like to attend his daughter's wedding in Thailand around the end of this year "but if I can't make it, she will understand. They will come to pay me homage after the ceremony."

Thaksin said he had teased his daughters by tell them that they should compete in producing grandchildren for me to raise...and spoil.

"I told them to speed up to have grand children for me to spoil. They told me No, they were afraid I might spoil them. I am getting old and I want to have grandchildren around me..." he was quoted as saying.

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