Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vichit: The man to watch to lead the new economic team

When I asked Vichit Surapongchai, CEO of Siam Commercial Bank, the other evening in a social function about rumours that he was taking up a Cabinet post in the Yingluck government, the well-known banker didn't deny it.

"That would be troublesome, wouldn't it?" he said, jokingly. It wasn't supposed to be denial or confirmation -- just a tactic to forestall further questioning.

That's why I wasn't all that surprised when Post Today reported this morning that Vichit might well become deputy premier and finance minister in the new government.

If that should come to pass, what role would Dr Olarn Chaipravat, Pheu Thai Party's seniormost economist and finance expert, play in the new administration?

Of course, Dr Olarn, who was once the bank's chief executive, would remain an important part of the new government's economic team. But somehow, all the leading men in support of "Thaksinomics" would be given their respective roles in the Yingluck government. How the final line-up will look like is still under intense discussion, we hear. Supply exceeds demand in a hugely lopsided way, we understand.

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