Saturday, July 23, 2011

The 'Yingluck Phenomenon'...a premier in 49 days

If and when she becomes prime minister in the next few weeks, Yingluck Shinawatra will make history on at least three counts:

1. The first female prime minister of Thailand.
2. The youngest premier of the country.
3. The first person to have spent the shortest period of time in politics before reaching the country's top political post: 49 days from the day she was named the No 1 on Pheu Thai's party list.

Khao Sod has come up with a special publication on her life which coincides with the Pheu Thai Party's own book entitled: "The Yingluck Phenomenon."

Matichon, Khao Sod's sister paper, said there was speculation that she may be "allowed" to stay as premier for four to six months before some "disruptive events" will oust her from the post. But then, the paper also suggested that on the other hand, there are political observers who believe that if she knows how to handle her new job, Yingluck could run the government the full four years' term.

But first things first. Let's see her resume the premiership before any speculation is taken seriously.


Steve said...

"Let's see her resume the premiership before any speculation is taken seriously".

This should be "assume", shouldn't it?

Freudian slip - or a deliberate reference to her brother? But then, Thaksin is not female - or has Thanong now decided otherwise? ;)

suthichaiyoon said...

Thanks for your comment.