Friday, July 15, 2011

'Thaksin doesn't know how to spell Ning' (Stay put)

Matichon Weekly says if Thaksin Shinawatra wants his "clone" sister, Yingluck, to lead the new government smoothly, he should just step back and stay in the background.

The cover story suggests that Thaksin is playing too active a role in trying to form the new Cabinet -- a task that should be left to Yingluck who is slated to assume the premiership.

Yingluck, the magazine says, has been caught in a difficult position when the Pheu Thai Party has to backtrack on several major election promises. She has had to refer the questions on the Bt300 minimum wage, the Oil Fund, etc to the party's executive committee.

If Thaksin continues to "interfere" with his sister's role, she would lose the image of being a leader.

"The current situation has led some people to say that if Thaksin knows how to spell 'Stay Put' then the Yingluck government might be able to proceed more effectively..." the Matichon Weekly's cover story concludes.

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