Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sodsri says in again!

She is probably the most outspoken among the five Election Commissioners. She has crossed swords with a number of politicians. Some of her comments have been controversial, such as the one she said a "quiet coup" was being plotted to pre-empt the general election which has come and gone, of course.

The "quiet coup" didn't come about -- and Sodsri was later to explain that she had "leaked" the story only as a warning about the possibility of a non-election.

Today, she did it again. Sodsri, I heard on radio, was quoted as warning the red shirts: If you resort to violence, the military may stage a coup and your Pheu Thai Party won't be able to form the new government.

Her latest comment was apparently in response to a reporter's question on how she would react to some red-shirts' possible pressure on her if the EC didn't endorse Jatuporn Prompan as an MP.

The EC has postponed its decision on Jatuporn's status from yesterday to Monday on grounds that a lot of work still had to be done on his case.

Will Sodsri say she said what she did today only to warn the red-shirts against putting undue pressure on her again?

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