Monday, July 18, 2011

Chuwit's advice for Democrats: Only two words will make the difference

Chuwit Kamolvisit, leader of Love Thailand Party, has four members in the House. He has joined the Democrats' 159 seats and Bhumjaithai's 34 plus the one-member Rak Santi Party of Purachai Piemsomboon as well as Gen Sonthi Bunyaratakalin's Matupoom Party's two seats to form the 200-seat opposition party in the House.

The businessman-turned-politician maverick has one piece of advice for the Democrats. There is no way that the Democrat Party can beat Pheu Thai with policies, he says.

"The only way the Democrats can win over Pheu Thai hinges on just two words: Thaksin,"
Chuwit told Matichon Daily in an interview published today. He didn't elaborate.

How he will help the Democrats keep checks and balances on the Pheu Thai-led coalition government, with 300 seats under their command, remains to be seen.

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