Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Abhisit admits the margin of defeat is widening

Democrat leader Abhisit Vejjajiva said last month that the difference between the number of seats to be won by his party and Pheu Thai woul be "around 4 to 5."

Yesterday, he told Post Today that the margin could be 20.

That suggests that, less than two weeks before Election Day,is conceding that his party's slide in popularity is worsening, if all the polls so far are to be believed.

That perhaps explains why the Democrats are pulling out all the stops to launch their last-minute tactics, including the big rally at Ratchaprasong Intersection this Thursday, to narrow the margin of defeat.

Pheau Thai's Yingluck Shinawatra isn't responding to his challenge. She has despatched Pheu Thai's nominal head, Yongyudh Vichaidith, to the debate organized by PNet this Thursday, to face Abhisit.

There won't be a Yingluck-Abhisit public face-off after all.

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