Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Chamni-Nattawut TV face-off: The significance of Number 251

It was a good match when Chamni Sakdiset of the Democrat Party sparred with Nattawut Saikua of Pheu Thai Party on Channel 3 last evening.

The televised face-off boiled down to a very simple confrontation: Nattawut challenged Chamni to declare that if the Democrats can't beat Pheu Thai in the election, they wouldn't try to form a caolition in competition with Pheu Thai.

Chamni hit back by asking Nattawut whether Pheu Thai can win 251 seats, the simple majority in the House. "If you get 251, the Democrats will be the opposition. If not, we have the right to try to be the core of the next government. That's what the constitution says," the Democrat veteran said.

Nattawut then complained that all the speculation about Pheu Thai not being able to form the next government even if it win the most seats in the election simply means that there are certain undemocratic behind-the-scenes forces that are still trying to undermine his party.

The debate continues today on "reconciliation" -- a topic that has so far eluded any real conclusion. But then talking on TV certainly is far better than fight on the streets.

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