Wednesday, June 8, 2011

They are talking 'Landslide' at Pheu Thai

They are talking about a "landslide victory" at Pheu Thai Party these days.
Deputy Leader Kanawat Wasinsungworn said an American diplomat asked him yesterday about the chances of a PT's "landslide win" and he said the most challenging area for his party would be Bangkok constituencies.

"If we get 15-22 seats in Bangkok, chances of a nationwide landslide victory for us would be much heightened," he said.

The overall target for Pheau Thai is 260-270 seats out of the total of 500. Bangkok's estimate for the party is between 18 to 22, and 52-57 in Lower North; 50 plus for Central Plains and about 5 in the three southernmost provinces. Kanawat expects 60-65 seats from the party lists.

Tag this post. Check it out late July 3. I will offer you all forecasts from all parties concerned from today until the Big Day.

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