Friday, June 3, 2011

Abhisit: Who gets most seats gets first chance to form govt

Democrat leader Abhisit Vejjajiva has made a public stand on the issue of who has the right to form the next government: The party that gets the highest number of seats in the House gets the first chance to form the government.

He went on Channel 3 just now to make the prediction that his Democrat Party and Pheu Thai will be running neck-and-neck, with combined seats of about 400. Pheu Thai's insiders have predicted a wider margin of their victory, with some estimating a 270-190 victory against the Democrats.

But Abhisit said the contest will be close between the two parties. He predicted that the difference between the numbers of seats of the two parties' will be small.

With 30 days to Election Day, the guessing game is now focussed on how many seats Pheu Thai will win over the Democrats -- and whether it is going to be a landslide or a close call.

Since anything can happen from now until July 3, nobody can be sure whether a major shift will change the whole picture.

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