Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Army chief: Go out and vote for the 'Institution'

It's difficult to judge what the army chief had in mind when he exhorted "as many voters as possible" to come out and vote on July 3 for "good people."

Gen Prayuth Chan-ohcha was however quite upbeat when he appeared on Channel 5 (the army's station) last evening for a special interview. He was careful not to name names. But he did say that the Thai people must come out in full force to vote for those who "uphold the Institution"

He also said that some people in the country are linked to some others outside the country to undermine the "institution."

"I would like to urge everybody to vote with reason, to think how to vote to make sure that the institution is safe," he declared.

Of course, he had said earlier that no matter how the election results turn out, the armed forces would accept the outcome. But then he always added that stability and the institution must be above all else.

In a way, it's crystal clear what he meant. In another, it's highly ambiguious. It all depends on where you stand, I guess.

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