Thursday, June 16, 2011

If he had his way, Thaksin wants to be home in November

If Thaksin Shinawatra had his way, he would be returning to Thailand in November under a coalition government headed by a prime minister named Yingluck Shinawatra, his youngest sister.

That's the latest from Thaksin who gave another interview to another foreign media outlet, this time it's Kyodo News, who quoted him as saying in Dubai that his sister plans to form a coalition government and embark on a reconciliation process that should include a dialogue with all political players such as military leaders.

Speaking from his luxury villa, Thaksin also told the Japanese news agency that all polls pointed to an "outright majority" victory for his Pheu Thai Party.

Who are the likely coalition partners? "It's too early to talk about that," he said.

Thaksin said an administration with one single party is not favourable in Thailand. He tried that in 2005 and it was unsuccessful, he said.

Thaksin expressed a wish that he could return to Thailand in November as he has two important schedules in mind -- to attend the King's Dec 5 Birthday Anniversary and to attend his daugher's wedding scheduled for mid-December.

He said the military has to be involved in the dialogue as part of the reconciliation process.

But he declined to comment on whether amnesty should cover the acts of security officials that ended last year's red-shirt protests.

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