Sunday, June 12, 2011

Latest poll shows PT pulling away from Dems...bad news for Abhisit

The latest Bangkok Poll shows Pheu Thai Party pulling away from the Democrats in Bangkok -- 33.6% against Dem's 17.1%. If it's any consolation to the Democrats, 44% say they remain undecided three weeks from Election Day.

The poll says 42.6% of Bangkokians want Yingluck as the next premier compared to 23.6%for Abhisit.

If this poll holds until election day, it's going to be bad news for the Democrats indeed. The same poll shows PT leading in 21 Bangkok constituencies against Dems' 6. The other six show them neck and neck so far.

Abhisit was asked about the latest not-so-positive public opinion poll. Again, he shrugged it off.

Time for Plan B, if there is a Plan B?

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