Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In Newin's dream....

You may say Newin Chidchob, de factor owner of Bhumjaithai Party, is dreaming. But Thai Post cited a source in his party as quoting Newin as having told his party executives recently that Bhumjaithai will be in the next government with the Democrats.

The paper said Newin estimated that Bhumjaithai would win about 78 seats in the July 3 election. Most independent estimates have put this party's performance at 40-45 seats.

Newin was also quoted as predicting that the Democrats will win about 180 seats while Pheu Thai would get about 210 seats.

Newin, according to this report, concluded that the next government will comprise the Democrats and Bhumjaithai, plus Banharn's Chat Thai Pattana and other small parties. Pheu Thai, Newin was quoted as saying, will then become the sole opposition party.

You can't believe anything until you see the election returns on the evening of July 3, of course.

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